Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School

Holi Celebration in Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School

Holi was celebrated in Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School on 7/3/2020. Students with guidance from teachers decorated the place with colours of nature i.e. colourful flowers. Mothers of all students played with colours and enjoyed 'Bhel and Sweet Gathi'. Everyone had fun n the occasion of Holi, which is festival of colours with adoration.

Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti celebrated in Bajoriya School

Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti was celebrated on 19-2-2020 in Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School. In the beginning, Mrs.Deshkar garlanded the photo of Shivaji Maharaj. Students came in traditional dresses and performed small mute acts related with Shivaji Maharaj. Students heard story about Shivaji from the teachers. In the end, students enjoyed sweets.

Students participation at Sanskrit Shlok Competition on 9-2-2020

Competition to recite Sanskrit shloks was organised by Bhartiya Shree Vidya Vardhini on 9-2-2020. Student of Bajorya English Medium School participated in the competition. This competition was judged by Deo madam. Students of Bajorya School won the following prizes –
(a) 1st - Radha Joshi(nursery) and (b) 2nd - Shivansh mahajan (LKG). Teachers congratulated the students by offering them flowers.

Republic Day celebrated at Bajoriya School jointly with students of D Ed Students

Republic day was celebrated on 26-1-2020 at Bajoriya English Medium School. The programme was celebrated jointly with students of D Ed. After hoisting of national flag by Shri Mangesh Kelkar, national anthem was sung by all students. Principal of D Ed college Shri Parbat briefly explained importance of republic day. This was followed by cultural programme where students of Bajoriya English Medium School and D Ed students presented various cultural events.

Annual day jointly celebrated by Babaji Datey English Medium & Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School

Babaji Datey English Medium School and Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School jointly organized gathering (annual day) on 23-1-2020. Mrs. Vidya Waidya, Extension Officer (Education), Zila Parishad Yavatmal was the chief guest. Advocate Mrs. Manjusha Dev, was an inaugurator of the programme. Mrs. Asmita P. Palsokar, the Principal of B.D.E.M.S and Mrs. Kiran Deshkar, Principal of R.B.E.M.S read the annual report of the respective schools. They both made the audience aware of the school’s achievements in academics and co-curricular arenas.
Prizes were given away to the best students in different areas and other students who had brought laurels to the school in various competitions and contests like ABACUS. Addressing on the occasion Mrs. Vidya Waidya madam praised the school for raising the educational standard in the city. The talented students presented mesmerizing cultural events such as dances, ramp-walk etc. Many students performed on the stage. Most of the programmes were inspired by our culture, moral education, films and nationalism.
Mr. Vinayak S. Datey, the President of Vishuddha Vidyalaya thanked the chief-guest, dignitaries, and parents for having spared their time to attend the function. He also appreciated students, teachers, and the Principal for organizing the function successfully.
Mrs. Pallavi Deshpande ended the programme with vote of thanks.

Sport’s Day - On 22nd of January B.D.E.M.S and R.B.E.M.S jointly organised

On 22nd of January B.D.E.M.S and R.B.E.M.S jointly organised the Sport’s Day in B.D.E.M.S premises. For this sport’s event we were honoured to have Dr. Prof. Mr. Markas Lakade sir, Professor, Datey B.P.Ed college Yavatmal as the special guest and even the judge for the day.
In presence of all parents, teaching and non-teaching staff of both schools, Dr. Prof. Mr. Markas Lakade sir was welcomed with small gift as a token of love. The sport’s events were inaugurated by blashing / bursting a cracker.
The students of B.D.E.M.S presented a mesmerizing Flower Mock Drill at the very opening of all the sports’ events. The kids of both the schools played and enjoyed different games they were participated in.
The first two ranks were taken out of each of the sport and later were given prizes and certificate to boost their skills and enthusiasm.
Our chief guest encouraged all the little champs to always get ready for such events, and congratulated not only all the winners but the participants too.

'Bhel party' on 4-1-2020 at Bajoria School

‘Bhel party’ was organised on 4-1-2020 at Bajoria English Medium School. Students enjoyed 'Bhel ‘with their teachers and friends. It also contained vitamins and proteins to fight the winter). Thus, it combined tasty food with vitamins and proteins, which made the food both tasty and nourishing.

X-mas celebrated in Bajoria English Medium School

Christmas was enthusiastically celebrated in R.B.M.S.  on 26-12-2019. Teachers told story of Jesus. Teachers decorated Christmas tree with colourful Bells and balloons. Students dressed up well with Christmas cap. Students danced and got sweets. There was lot of fun and enjoyment.

Celebration of Diwali in Ramgopal Bajoria School

Diwali was celebrated in school on 24-10-2019 with joy and enthusiasm. On this day, all students wore colourful dresses. They decorated diyas and also made traditional sky lamps with the help of their teachers. Nursery students filled colours in the pictures of diyas and LKG students filled colours in the sky lamps. After the decoration of diyas and sky lamps, students burned crackers and ate sweets. They enjoyed themselves. Teaching and non-teaching staff of school decorated the school nicely, made Rangoli and lighted diyas. The whole school was decorated and was looking beautiful.

Pola celebrated jointly by Babaji Datey and Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium Schools

Babaji Datey English medium school and Ramgopal Bajoriya English medium school  celebrated pola together, with religious fervour on 29-8-2019. Students were educated about how the farmers celebrate the feast of the bull and how farmers are important to us. Teachers picturized children how farmers celebrate this harvest festival throughout Maharashtra.
All the students came in gesture of farmers and they brought their decorated ox colourfully painted. They presented mime act and dance. All the efforts of team were appreciated by the President of program, Mr. Vijay Kaslikar, Chief guests , Mrs. Bhagyashree Ranade and Mrs. Sarika Talwekar and Head Mistresses of both schools  Mrs. Asmita Palsokar and Mrs. Sangeeta Mohite.
Among the primary class kids, Master Sanskar Kshirsagar and Master Harshwardhan Tamhane were selected as the best farmers while Miss. Riddhi Khode and Miss. Rudrani Khandare got the prize for being the best lady farmers.

Joint celebration of Janmashtami on 23-8-2019

Babaji Datey English Medium School and Ramgolap Bajoria English Medium School jointly celebrated Krishn Janmashtami program in Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School. Mrs. Kirti Raut, Mrs. Madhuri Ranade and Mr. Shrikant Parbat were guests at the programme. After greeting all guests, program started. Students of both schools played different characters like Radha Krishna, Krishna and Vasudev, Vishnu Lakshmi, Saint Meera, Krishna, Radha, Sudama etc. After stage performance, teachers, mother parents and students of both Schools enjoyed Ras-garba dance. Finally, Dahi-handi and Kala distribution was arranged. Mrs Pallavi Koranne and Miss Priya Gedam were the anchors of the programme.

Independence Day Celebration on 15/8/2019

Independence day was celebrated in school on 15-8-2019. Teachers and students gathered in school at 7 a.m. Member of school committee Shri Mangesh Kelkar hoisted the flag. After national anthem, students sang a group patriotic song "Mi Bhartiya Aahe". Parents also participated in the program. At the end of the programme, sweets were distributed.

Raksha Bandahn Celebration on 14/8/2019

Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium school celebrated Raksha Bandhan on 14-8-2019. All students participated in that activity. A competition was held for students for home-made rakhis. Students brought homemade Rakhis. Mrs. Nita Parbat was invited as the judge of the competition. Sarthak Walokar won 1st rank of competition for his eco-friendly and reusable rakhi, Asmit Thembare was on 2nd position from Play group and Nursery. The programme ended with distribution of sweets.

Rainy-Craft' and Plantation on 31/7/2019

In Ramgopal Bajoriya school 'Rainy-Craft' and plantation activity has been taken on 31st July 2019. In that activity teachers taught students to make floating paper-boats. After that students float it on water and enjoyed a lot. Teachers told stories that in their childhood they were playing with such handmade toys.

While telling importance of trees, teachers also guided them, how to grow the plants carefully by “My Friend-Tree” activity. Students were too happy to get their Tree-friend with them.

Guru Pourima Day celebrated on 16/7/2019

On the occasion of Guru Pournima day on 16-7-2019, Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School celebrated the day. This day is celebrated to express gratitude of students towards Guru i.e. teacher.  At the beginning of programme, Sarswati poojan was done. After Saraswati Poojan,  Shloka-Pathan was done by students. Students were explained importance of teacher i.e. Guru in life. School children offered flowers to their teachers and took blessings. Sweets were distributed at the end of programme.

Sanskrit Shloka Competition on 2/3/2019

On 2-3-2019, Ramgopal Bajoriya E.M.S. arranged  Sanskrit Shloka competition of nursery, KG1 and KG2 students. The aim of programme was to inculcate value of old culture among students and acquaint the students with our old and rich Sanskrit language. Examiner for competition was Mrs Kanchan Shimpatwar. Students participated in the competition with vigor and enthusiasm. Teachers had taken great efforts in training the students in reciting Sanskrit Shlokas. Vaibhav Maghade was awarded the 1st prize and Aarav Pathey won 2nd prize.

Shivaji Jayanti celebrated on 20/2/2019

Students wore different costumes like Shivaji Maharaj, Jijabai, Mavale etc. with sword in there hands. All the participants delivered dialogue for their character. Students enjoyed the entire programme.
At the end of programme, Head-Mistress Mrs Mohile distributed chocolates and pencils among the students.

Picnic to Mandev on Saturday, 09/02/2019.

Students, teachers and parents were extremely excited while going to the destination. All the students kept singing songs in the bus till they reach the venue. As the students entered the gate, they ran  near the swing, slide some and seasaw. Students enjoyed a lot. In the afternoon, teachers, students and parents enjoyed the lunch under the trees where monkeys jumped from one tree to another. Students were very excited and  happy. After lunch, the students again went for playing. Teacher took photos of parents and students. Parents and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We returned at 3.30 PM.


On 21st and 22nd of January 2019, Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School and Babaji Datey English Medium School had arranged an Annual Day Program in the premises of Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School.  D.L. Ed (Adhyapan Prashikshan Vidyalay, Yavatmal) also participated in the gathering.

There was a Fun-Fair Day i.e. Anand Mela on 21st January and the Cultural Programs were held on 22nd of January 2019. On the day of Anand Mela, there was huge response of all the parents of both the schools.

The evening of Cultural Program on 22-1-2019 was the most important of our school gathering. Shri.  Vinayak Datey, The President of Vishuddha Vidyalay was Chairman of the program. Shri. Avinash Kondawar (Shikshan Vistar Adhikari, Z.P. Yavatmal) was the chief guest. Shri. Sudarshan Thote (Kendra Pramukh, Wadgaon Yavatmal) and Mrs. Kirti Raut (Former Shikshan Sabhapati, Yavatmal Nagar Parishad) were guests of honour. Mrs. Bharati Bajoriya was invited as an inaugurator for the program.
The programme started with Saraswati Poojan. It was followed by the Speeches of Head Mistress of both the schools and after the President’s motivational speech, the real enjoyment got its start with full enjoyment and enthusiasm and with lots of cheerful noise.  All the kids presented their excellent performance and filled everyone with joy. The school event ended up with the dance presented by the teachers of BDEMS.  The students of D.L. Ed college also performed their dances and added more cheers in the event.

Diwali Celebration

Diwali was celebrated on Saturday, 3-10-2018. A Drawing competition was held on the occasion. Kids wholeheartedly and with full enthusiasm participated in the programme. Children coloured the picture of lamp in the drawing competition. Children burst crackers under close supervision of teachers and enjoyed the festival of lights.

Pola celebration
This year, pola celebration was arranged at Ramgopal  Bajorya Eng. Med. School of on 8th September 2018. The kids of both the schools   B.D.E.M.S and  R.B.E.M.S were dresses as farmers along with their decorated clay-bullocks’  pairs. All the kids were looking stunning and they even delivered their dialogues regarding the importance of Pola . Mrs Meera kelkar, Mrs. Madhuri  Ranade, Mr. Shrikaut  Parbat,  Mr Rajesh Chavan selected  the winners from both the schools. Shivansh Mahajan, Shubhra Badukle were the winners from  Ramgopal Bajoriya Eng . Medium School. From B.D.E.M.S Himanshu Nalhe (primary) and Sankul Shivramwar  (primary) secured the prizes.

Krushna Janmashtami
B.D.E.M.S and R.G.B.E.M.S together celebrated Krushna Janmashtami on 3rd of September in B.D.E.M.S premises. Kids were looking so adorable in the costumes of Radha and Krishna. Students delivered their dialogues according to their characters. To judge out the best Radha and the best Krishna, we had Dr. Prachi Neve - Ayurvedic Doctor and Mrs. Sangeeta Mohite - The Head Mistress of R.G.B.E.M.S. From R.G.B.E.M.S, Nirvishesh Chavan - as Krishna and Urvashi  Pendor - as Radha grabbed the numbers. After the prize distribution, everyone along with the parents and teachers, danced and enjoyed a lot. All the Krishnas broke the Dahi-Handi and the programme was over with the distribution of "Gopal Kala".

Annual Day

Fourteenth Annual day programme of  Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School was celebrated,  along with the first Annual day programme of Babaji Datey English Medium School, on 24-25 January, 2018.

The inauguration function was presided over by Smt Vidya S Kelkar, Vice Chairman, Vishuddha Vidyalaya and Chairman, Babaji Datey Mahila Sahakari Bank Ltd., Yavatmal.. Mr. Prashant Bajoriya and Mrs. Kirti Raut, Shikshan Sabhapati Yavatmal were the chief guests.

The cultural programme was arranged in the evening. Mrs. Palsokar, Principal, Babaji Datey English Medium School gave the introduction. The kids of both the schools from Nursery to Std I participated in the programme. The cultural programme began with dance by the tiny tots. Every class performed with grace and got a big applause.

In the cat walk, Ovi Deshpande of Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School was crowned as Miss Beautiful 2017-18.

Master Siddharth A. Gayakwad from Nursery, BDEMS won the honour of Mr. Handsome 2017-18.
The programme ended with vote of thanks.

About the School :

Vishuddha Vidyalaya believes that students should imbibe Indian culture. In addition, they should have knowledge of English as it is world language. With this idea in mind, the Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School was started on 1-7-2004. The school conducts classes for playgroup, nursery, KG-1. KG-2, first standard and second standard. The school started with four students. Today, it has over 25 students.

Adequate equipment is available. This includes- See Saw, Swing, Slide, Merry-go-round, Rocking Horse, Quoits etc.

Head Mistress – Mrs Neelima Sudhir Deshpande
Address of school – Rana Pratap Nagar, Yavatmal
Mobile – 96570 01178
Udayas No - 27141510830

School Committee

1.  Mrs Sharmila Phatak           Chairperson
2. Mrs Neelima Deshpande      Secretary,       Head Mistress
3.  Mrs. Sushama Datey             Member
4.  Shri Mangesh Kelkar            Member
5.  Mrs Madhuri Ranade            Member
6.  Mrs Vaishali Waghchaure    Member,       Teacher Rep.
7.  Mrs Meera Dhonge,                Member       Non Teacher Rep.

Children’s day

Children’s day was celebrated in our school. The school was nicely decorated. Students were given Information about Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, ex-Prime Minister of India. Biscuit packets were distributed to the kids. Head Mistress Mrs Deshande gave Compass boxes to all students. One of the parents, Mr. Vaidya, too distributed biscuit packets. The children enjoyed dancing on the occasion.

Celebration of Tanha Pola

Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School and Babaji Datey English Medium School jointly celebrated Tanha Pola festival. This festival is to recognise hard work of bullocks. The boys and girls had come in the dress of farmers. They had brought decorated idols of bullocks. Corporator Mrs Kirti Raut was the judge for dress competition and decorated idols of bullocks. Parth Tiwari and Kumari Sejal Bargale won the prizes in the competition.

Dahihandi Celebration

Joint Dahihandi Celebration by Babaji Datey Englilsh Medium School and Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School, Yavatmal

Krishna Janmashtami is a day of celebration of birth of God Krishna.  On this occasion, tiny tots of both schools came in dress of Naughty Krishna and Adorable Radha and displayed their gestures. Everyone enjoyed the programme. Teachers of both schools and all the parents applauded and encouraged the little and enthusiastic kids.

Congratulation Parth Tiwari

Our school participated in Krishna Rup Sajja Competition organised by Sanskar Bharati at Jesht Nagarik Bhavan,Yavatmal. Our nursery student Parth Tiwari got first prize.  Congratulation Parth Tiwari.