Babaji Datey English Medium School

Shivaji Jayanti

The school celebrated Shivaji Jayanti on Monday 18th February, 2019. The celebration was with lezim dance. All the kids enjoyed Lezim dance. Teachers too performed Lezim on Dhol Tasha Pathak. Students were dressed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Jijabai, Hirakani, Yesubai, Sambhaji, Malava soldiers etc. for the fancy-dress competition. All the participants delivered dialogue for their character. Mrs. Meera Kelkar, the school committee member and Mrs. Rai, Mother parent committee member were guests and the judges for the program. Master Sankul Shivramvar, Miss. Radha Jamdal and Miss. Ketaki Palsokar achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.


On 21st and 22nd of January 2019, Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School and Babaji Datey English Medium School had arranged an Annual Day Program in the premises of Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School.  D.L. Ed (Adhyapan Prashikshan Vidyalay, Yavatmal) also participated in the gathering.

There was a Fun-Fair Day i.e. Anand Mela on 21st January and the Cultural Programs were held on 22nd of January 2019. On the day of Anand Mela, there was huge response of all the parents of both the schools.

The evening of Cultural Program on 22-1-2019 was the most important of our school gathering. Shri.  Vinayak Datey, The President of Vishuddha Vidyalay was Chairman of the program. Shri. Avinash Kondawar (Shikshan Vistar Adhikari, Z.P. Yavatmal) was the chief guest. Shri. Sudarshan Thote (Kendra Pramukh, Wadgaon Yavatmal) and Mrs. Kirti Raut (Former Shikshan Sabhapati, Yavatmal Nagar Parishad) were guests of honour. Mrs. Bharati Bajoriya was invited as an inaugurator for the program.
The programme started with Saraswati Poojan. It was followed by the Speeches of Head Mistress of both the schools and after the President’s motivational speech, the real enjoyment got its start with full enjoyment and enthusiasm and with lots of cheerful noise.  All the kids presented their excellent performance and filled everyone with joy. Not only the students but the teachers also were full of excitement. The school event ended up with the dance presented by the teachers of BDEMS.  The students of D.L. Ed college also performed their dances and added more cheers in the event.

Inter school games organised by Bharatiya Shree Vidyavardhini Sanstha; on 11 December

Amaya Jadhav [Nur],
Manjiri Gajbhiye [Nur]
frog jumping race
Kanan Palsokar [kg1],
Radha Jamdal [ kg 1]
Music chair;
Kavya Bhagat [kg 2],
Rahul Yadav [kg 2]
pearl collection race;
Rudrani Khandare -1st STD,
Krishna Jamdal - 1st STD
ढग आले पळा पळा,
Ansh Jiddewar 2nd STD
Mitansh Gondule  2nd STD
In lemon spoon race

Advocate Mrs. Manjusha Dev  - President of Vidyavardhini, Mrs . Kiran Deshkar - Secretary of Vidyavardhini and Mrs. Savita Bankewar were present on this occasion.

Rubella and Gover Camp on 3rd December 2018

Vaccination camp for Rubella and Gover is arranged for students of all the students from Nursery to 2nd standard

Triple success of Babaji Datey School in the Bhagvadgeeta verses Reciting Competition

 Like every year, this year also, recitation of Geeta competition was organized on the occasion of Geeta Jayanti by Rukmini Pandurang Sansthan. Following students  namely Radha Jamaldal (KG1), Ketaki Palasokar (KG1), Rahul Yadav(KG2), Vaibhav Chaudhary (KG2), Krishnai Tamhane (class I) and Ansh Jiddevar (class 2) participated in the competition.In this competition, students had to recite   five verses of 17th chapter from the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit. In this competition of Sanskrit Shloka Pathan, Krishna Tammhane of std I secured first grade, Ansh Jiddwar from 2nd standard won second prize and third prize was won by Radha Jamadal of KGI. All dignitaries congratulated and encouraged the winning and participating participants for introduction of Sanskrit language and to increase their interest in it.
Mr. Vinayak Datey, President of the Vishuddha Vidyalaya Trust and other members of Trust, Head Master, Mrs.Asmita Palasokar, and  the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school congratulated the students.

Fancy Dress Competition
Every year, we arrange the Fancy Dress competition for our kids, where they get a chance to boost their confidence level. To overcome the issues such as stage fear, command on language or mixing with others, kids were dressed in different characters. Some were dresses as flowers or fruits, whereas a few played the role of some ancient & Historic characters. Some were even with new creative ideas. On this beautiful morning we were honored to have Mr.Balwant Sahastrabuddhe, Head master of Dhruv  Prathmik School as the Judge for the programme. Through their acts and dialogues student made the programme stunning.
Among all the charming and beautifully costumed kids a few won the hearts. Our little Pari-Ojaswi Talwekar from Nursery won the first prize and from KG-I  - Ketaki Palsokar, who played the role of Porus, came  first. From STD I, Krushnai Tamhane acting as tree, became the winner.   Riddhi Khode of KG II dressed as Rani Laxmibai got the prize from her class and Ansh Jiddewar dressed as Santa was the winner.

Diwali Celebration
We had great fun at our school with full enthusiasm for the Diwali Celebration with dancing and singing. Not only the kids but the teachers too enjoyed a lot. After Diwali celebration, sweets were distributed among kids with the loud Hurrah...... Happy Diwali !

Pola celebration
Pola is one of the most important ancient Indian festivals. It is to thank our Farmers friends - The Bullocks.  This year, Pola celebration was arranged at Ramgopal  Bajorya Eng. Med. School of on 8th September 2018. The kids of both the schools   B.D.E.M.S and  R.B.E.M.S were dresses as farmers along with their decorated clay-bullocks’  pairs. All the kids were looking stunning and they even delivered their dialogues regarding the importance of Pola . Mrs Meera kelkar, Mrs. Madhuri  Ranade, Mr. Shrikaut  Parbat,  Mr Rajesh Chavan selected  the winners from both the schools. Shivansh Mahajan, Shubhra Badukle were the winners from  Ramgopal Bajoriya Eng . Medium School. From B.D.E.M.S Himanshu Nalhe (primary) and Sankul Shivramwar  (primary) secured the prizes.

Krushna Janmashtami
B.D.E.M.S and R.G.B.E.M.S together celebrated Krushna Janmashtami on 3rd of Sep in B.D.E.M.S premises. Kids were looking so adorable in the costumes of Radha and Krishna. Students delivered their dialogues according to their characters. All the kids from Nursery to 2nd Std were dressed very beautiful. To judge out the best Radha and the best Krishna, we had Dr. Prachi Neve ma'am - Ayurvedic Doctor and Mrs. Sangeeta Mohite ma'am - The Head Mistress of R.G.B.E.M.S. From pre-primary section of B.D.E.M.S; Ku. Ketaki Palsokar won as the best Krishna whereas Ku. Riddhi Khode was selected as the best Radha; and from primary section, Sankul Shivramwar and Ku. Krushnai Tamhane won the prizes as the best krishna and the best Radha respectively. From R.G.B.E.M.S, Nirvishesh Chavan - as Krishna and Urvashi  Pendor - as Radha grabbed the numbers. After the prize distribution, everyone along with the parents and teachers, danced and enjoyed a lot. All the Krishnas broke the Dahi-Handi and the programme was over with the distribution of "Gopal Kala".

Rakhi making competition and exhibition in B.D.E.M.S

 We are once again in the celebration zone of the utterly pious bond of brothers and sisters & it is the festival of bond that they share eternally. To let the students know about our festivals and its importance, school organized the Rakhi Making Competition on 23rd of August 2018 where kids made rakhis on their own. Next day, all the rakhis made by kids were put on exhibition. For this, we had Mr. Prasad Deshpande (Vice-president of PTA-committee) and Mrs. Pallavi Kattewar (vice-president  of mother parents association). From pre-primary,  Anushka P. Godhankar and from primary Sankul S. Shivramwar won the first prize. They were given prizes for this achievement.

On 15th August 2018, our Independence-day, we had arranged flag making activity for each class. Nursery students coloured the tri-colour picture. LKG students made the tri-colour peacock with colour papers. UKG students made the flowers with the colour paper like the national flag. STD I kids drew the flag and filled it with the grains in orange, white and green colours, whereas STD II students performed the activity of making flag with the help of ice-cream sticks.
Yoga Day
We often keep on trying many artificial ways to help ourselves to be fit and healthy, but yoga is the easiest and natural method to keep us young and energetic. With  this view, we Celebrated yoga day in on 21st June 2018. All the teachers and students performed some of yoga exercises. Everyone enjoyed this refreshing  event  thoroughly.

Annual Day

Just had a great fun on the first Annual day programme of our school, Babaji Datey English Medium School along with Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School, on 24-25 January, 2018.

It was really an enthusiastic day for the students, teachers and parents as well. On this eve we were honoured with the presence of Smt Vidya S Kelkar, Chairman, Babaji Datey Mahila Sahakari Bank Ltd., Yavatmal, who presided over the function. Mr. Prashant Bajoriya and Mrs. Kirti Raut, Shikshan Sabhapati Yavatmal were the chief guests.

The kids of both the schools from Nursery to Std I performed great. They performed group and solo dances as well. They all entertained everyone present over them with their marvellous dances. The whole atmosphere was filled with joy and cheering claps.

It was concluded with the Ramp Walk by the all little angels. The winners too were selected by the Judge of this ramp walk, Mrs. Meeratai Kelkar. Master Siddharth A. Gayakwad from Nursery, BDEMS won the honour of Mr. Handsome 2017-18 and Miss. Ovi Deshpande from RBEMS was crowned as Miss Beautiful 2017-18.

The programme ended with smiles on each faces.

Our School

School is the second home of students. With this view, we are about to start our new school, 'Babaji Datey English Medium School', which is starting from June 2017. Our main intention is to provide a quality education to the children through various activities and value based learning, which will be affordable to their parents.

Our goal is to develop an optimistic, skilled, creative and self-confident student, with our traditional and cultural values. The school's approach towards discipline for every student is to acquire self discipline and be responsible conduct so as to contribute to the overall well-being of all in the school.

Salient Features

  • School located in secured and social area.
  • Well designed and furnished class rooms.
  • Well educated, well trained and enthusiastic teaching staff.
  • Open space to play in healthy atmosphere.

Our Priorities

  • Physical & mental development of child.
  • Develop communication skill in English.
  • Encourage child to adapt new technologies.

Gitajayanti Competition

Gitajayanti competition was organised by Shri Rukhmini Pandurang Sansthan Vachanalaya, Yavatmal. Students of Babaji Datey English Medium School participated in the competition. Our student Ansh A. Jiddewar (studying in standard I) won the first prize in competition of Sanskrit shloka recitation.

Members of Managing Committee of Vishuddha Vidyalaya and staff of Babaji Datey English Medium School congratulated the winner. They gave him good wishes for success in future competitions.

Celebration of Tanha Pola

Ramgopal Bajoria English Medium School and Babaji Datey English Medium School jointly celebrated Tanha Pola festival. This festival is to recognise hard work of bullocks. The boys and girls had come in the dress of farmers. They had brought decorated idols of bullocks. Corporator Mrs Kirti Raut was the judge for dress competition and decorated idols of bullocks. Parth Tiwari and Kumari Sejal Bargale won the prizes in the dress competition.

Dahihandi Celebration

Joint Dahihandi Celebration at Babaji Datey Englilsh Medium School and Ramgopal Bajoriya English Medium School, Yavatmal

 Krishna Janmashtami is a day of celebration of birth of God Krishna.  On this occasion, tiny tots of both schools came in dress of Naughty Krishna and Adorable Radha and displayed their gestures. Everyone enjoyed the programme. Teachers of both schools and all the parents applauded and encouraged the little and enthusiastic kids.

Independence Day Celebrations

70th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 15th August 2017 at Babaji Datey English Medium School, Yavatmal. Flag hoisting was done and National Anthem was sung. Sweets were distributed to students after the programme.


Rakshabandhan is a bond of love and  care of a sister for her brother.  And to add some more love into it, we are celebrating the festival of silk thread, “Rakshabandhan” since hundreds of years.
Nowadays, Rakhi  is easily available in the market. But if it is made by the sister, it becomes more expensive and more valuable for the brother. With this concern, our school, Babaji Datey English Medium School, Yavatmal had the Rakhi Making Competition where these beautiful Rakhies were made not only by the sisters but also by the brothers as well.
School held an exhibition of these gorgeous rakhies in school premises  only : among them a few were selected as the best rakhi from each class.
It was really very fantastic and mesmerising experience  for all.

Yoga : A Discipline and Meditation

The international yoga day was celebrated in Babaji Datey English Medium School, Yavatmal on Wednesday 21st June 2017.

We all know that today’s life has become stressful not for only the grown-ups but also for the kids. Yoga is the best solution, to get rid of today’s workload and polluted environment. Yoga gives us not only a good physical health but a sound mental health as well. It is like a key for healthy life and it is also like a zero budget health insurance policy.

Yoga brings peace of mind and harmony in life. It is like a God gift to the entire human world. To develop these values from early age, Babaji Datey English Medium School arranged the yoga day celebration in the premises of the school building.

The pre-primary kids participated in the yoga session and surprised everyone with their activities. These kids taught us how to learn something, whatever it may be. The yoga day became the special day!

Grand Opening of Babaji Datey English Medium School

Babaji Datey English Medium School Yavatmal formally opened on Tuesday, 20th of June 2017 at 8:00 am in presence of pupils, parents, school staff and members of managing committee of Vishuddha Vidyalaya.
The opening of the school is a key milestone for the bright future of the students.  Children enjoyed the very first day of their school cheerfully. They were welcomed with beautifully decorated classrooms and were given balloons and sweets. They attained the school assembly at 8:15 am which was further followed by melodious rhymes in classes.